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One of our warriors really needs our help. I had the privilege of teaching Seana for a couple weeks in Toronto and to have been following her battle against cancer. She represents the spirit of a true Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter, even with her, now, fragile body, the strength of her soul knows no boundaries. I hope I can count with our Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Family to join us in this fight. I have a lot of faith in Seana, and if anyone can overcome this, she is the one.

Seana’s Story

Seana Rossi started training brazillian jiu jitsu in spring 2008
under Toronto BJJ black belt Jorge Britto. Already proven to be a true
fighter, Seana showed her incredible spirit from her first days on the
mats. Seana could be found training day and night and soon began to
compete. At her second competition, Seana broke her arm, Professor
Britto admits not all students would return to the sport after a break
so early in their career. However, Seana was mat side watching her
teammates practice technique and did her rehab religiously. Although she
could not compete, she would travel to competitions to cheer her
teammates on and be in their corner. Seana was always the loudest person
in the crowd. As soon as she was cleared she was drilling technique
with always a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye.

In spring 2009 Seana was informed that her cancer had returned. This
marked the beginning of a long battle that has touched the lives of many
people. Seana soon underwent chemotherapy and surgery, but continued to
train as much as possible. Seana would not let the cancer stop her from
doing the things she loved most. While completed chemotherapy she
competed in Grapplers Quest, the Toronto Jiu Jitsu Classic and had an
inspirational showing at American Nationals. Seana touches the lives of
everyone she meets and gives true meaning to the word warrior. To honor
her spirit Toronto BJJ founded the Seana Rossi Award, first presented in
December 2011, to be presented to the student at Toronto BJJ who best
displays the warrior spirit that Seana displays every day. Seana
continues her battle with cancer today, undergoing many cycles of
chemotherapy. Slowly the cancer has taken away her ability to train in
the sport she loves. However, Seana, her friends family and team have
not given up.

Most recently Seana has been informed that her cancer is progressing
and is not longer responsive to chemotherapy and her body if too weak to
undergo surgery. Today the most promising treatment for Seana is a drug
by the name of Avastin. This drug works by cutting off the blood supply
to the tumors so they can no longer grown and survive. In addition to
this there are a number of other treatments Seana can trake to help
improve her quality of life and battle with the disease. These
treatments are not covered by extended health insurance or other medical
coverage. We are asking the jiu jitsu community to band together like
it has before to help in a time of need.

In an unprecedented move, the charity Cancer Care Ontario has
reversed its previous decision and agreed to provide funds for Seana’s
Avastin treatment. This is a big move in the right direction for Seana’s
fight. We will continue to organize various fundraising events and
promote donation to cover the remaining costs of treatment.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 to cover one year of treatment costs.
Through the support of people all over the world we have already raised
just over $10,000.00!!

Get involved! Help Seana Fight!

To help support donations can be sent directly by email money transfer To
donate through check, money order or other (bank transfer, etc) please
contact Help Seana Fight Coordinator Melissa Biscardi through facebook
or via email Also check out the site