July was an amazing month for our Jiu Jitsu Academy in San Clemente. Our bjj school and martial artists performed at their best during the biggest event in town and at 2 big tournaments in L.A. area.

To start, our academy received almost 20 kids for our 2011 Martial Arts Summer Camp. Our kids had so much fun that they voted our camp the best jiu jitsu camp in San Clemente.

At the same week, they also performed at the San Clemente’s Ocean Festival, both days, while other students fought at the South Bay Open tournament. Jonas Hawbecker, Rayom Ribeiro and Andre Pontes earned 3 more medals to our school.

On the following weekend, at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Best of the West No Gi, 4  more medals were brought home from Joaquim O’Campo, Rayom Ribeiro and Ricardo Ribeiro. (P.S.  so far, since Jan 2011, our school earned more than 37 medals, including Jiu Jitsu Pan American Gold Medal by Sensei Paulo).

To finish the month, San Clemente head instructor Paulo recognized the improvements of our martial artists and gave a very well desrved BJJ purple belt to Jason Hughes, Andre Pretzel Pontes, Cody Walton; BJJ blue belt Chris Whelan, Ryan Rojas and Fernando Alves; and many stripes to our kids, adults and women who are moving up. Let’s keep the good work. Our BJJ San Clemente school is getting better and better.