One of BJJ San Clemente School’s goal is to create the best friendly and family environment possible. So far, our students feedbacks and just the amazing feeling to be around so many friends (inside and outside the mat) were our confirmation that Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu is the best academy. But after our Fundraiser, our friendship was moved to a whole new level.

My mom always said that “you see who is your friend when you truly need them”.

BJJ San Clemente and its students are proud to be there for Dave and more 8 people who lost everything last Jan 21st after a fire burned entirely their building. A total of $315+ were raised from our students  in only 1 week and couple days. Isn’t this amazing, hum?

Today, Dave himself thanked all for the support, friendship and generosity. He picked the winner of the jiu-jitsu gears that our BJJ San Clemente Academy donated. And the winners are…

– Jason Hughes won Saulo Ribeiro’s New Line Gi; and

– Christa and Ryder won the BJJ Kid’s Basket with Guillobel T-Shirt, our BJJ Backpack, and Hat.

Thank you all our martial arts, friends and residents of San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano for helping.