May 8, the Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy headquarters in San Clemente, Orange County had the honor to host Grand Master Jorge Pereira’s Brazilian Jiu jitsu Seminar.

Grand Master (Koral Belt) Jorge Pereira is a black belt from the legendary Grand Master Rickson Gracie, son of Grand Grand Master Helio Gracie. Jorge is also my original instructor (the one who honored me with the black belt in 1996).

With over 30 years of experience in BJJ, Grand Master Jorge shared with the Guillobel Team amazing techniques for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition and self-defense. The video above shows this very unique way of choking your opponent starting from standing position and finishing on the ground.

For the students that missed the seminar, this video is a way of giving you guys a sample of what happened there. It’s impossible for me to transcribe all the information, stories and knowledge that were shared at the seminar.

Grand Master Jorge Pereira shared the Brazilian philosophy and values of BJJ as was originally developed by Grand Grand Master Helio Gracie to be the best form of self-defense. Philosophy and values that have been almost completely lost by the youner generation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors that see BJJ only as a sport, ignoring the essence of BJJ, which is self-defense.

I am glad to say that through Grand Master Jorge I had a chance to belong to probably the last generation of BJJ fighters that had truly experienced the “old school” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also called, Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

My goal as a Sensei, is also to pass along all sides of this beautiful and unique art of self-defense, a merging of the essence of BJJ with the new techniques that are being created on competition mats all over the world.

BJJ today is both, an extremely powerful martial art, proven to be the best of all, and an exciting sport.