Just Jade to make Paulo eat sugar

Just Jade to make Paulo eat sugar

San Clemente BJJ and Sensei Paulo Guillobel are the best gifts in my life. And I realized that last Thursday, when I was surprised by an amazing party made just for me to celebrate my 30th birthday. In only one day, I believe I never received so many sincere hugs, kisses and wishes, and I was never so loved by so much incredible friends.

I started to help my husband Paulo at BJJ San Clemente Academy 2 years ago. Paulo has a passion for teaching BJJ and a strenght of character out of this world. He always dreamed and diligently worked to provide every one of his students the best BJJ experience, best training environment and the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. Paulo’s love for his students is simply inspiring and genuine in every single way.

Back 2 years ago, after one of his surgeries, I start to embrace his dreams. I heartbroken quitted my amazing job at ZumaPress to be closer to my husband and to see his dream in a bigger scale. At first, I couldn’t feel as he could. I tried to understand where his passion came from, but I was new and I couldn’t figure it out.

Everything changed when I start to meet every one of our students, their stories, struggles and qualities. One by one, little by little, they were naturally enchanting me. In just couple weeks I could deeply understand Paulo. We were finally aligned because I realized the most obvious fact: Paulo never had a student. He just had and have friends.

Paulo and I love you and admire you all, friends from Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente. Thank you for all the presents, surprises, wishes and thoughts. And please, always count on us. We are here for you.

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