BJJ San Clemente head instructor Paulo Guillobel did an amazing jiu-jitsu performance at the Pan 2010. Guillobel, after 5 fights, brought home the gold medal as shown on the video. Our Black Belt dominated all his opponents, showing that dedication and good instruction pay off.

In 2011, it’ll not be different. Our Guillobel BJJ San Clemente Team will be ready for March, when the Pan will be held. “Our goal in competing is not only the medal, but the journey, the sacrifices and the realization that after a tournament, we became better individuals”,  says Guillobel to his elite team. For now, our top jiu-jitsu team is just warming up…

How to Join our BJJ San Clemente Competition Team

If you are looking to push yourself to the next level, come join our BJJ San Clemente Competition Team. All you have to do is to talk to Paulo about your interested in represent our so loved Team and City. Keep in mind that our BJJ Competition Team is highly respected and we only accept serious students.

About BJJ San Clemente Competition Team

The Guillobel BJJ Competition Team offers optional classes for those who want to compete (kids, teens, adults, women) and especially for those who are going to compete in various martial art events (BJJ, NO GI BJJ, Wrestling tournaments and MMA). The focus of this class is to develop competitive strategies and to sharpen your game through:

– Mental Preparation: the student strengthens his/her ability to deal with pressure, how to overcome doubts, to build a right competitive mind-set, to develop determination, to learn how to manage time, and to strive for excellence;

– Physical Preparation: It’s a very intense class with cardiovascular, aerobic,, deep breathing, and stretching exercises;

– Techniques: The techniques taught at this class are based on a personal analysis (the instructor reviews the student’s game and evaluates their strengths and weaknesses). This class includes intense sparring training, specific  tasks along with open mats.