19 Apr

Jiu-Jitsu Personalized Gear: Our New Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Gi Just Arrived

It’s official: Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente personalized gi just arrived. It’s made with the best quality material and has 5 patches. Take a look!

To buy your Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Competition Gi (Limit Edition), all you have to ask for it at our office or store! Let’s represent our BJJ San Clemente!

17 Apr

Brazilian Jiu-Jitu San Clemente New Class Schedule for Spring 2011

Brazilian Jiu-Jitu San Clemente starts this week its New Class Schedule for Spring 2011! The changes that we made is for you! Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are now offered early morning, instead of 12pm-1pm, it runs from 8 am to 9 am.

Also, on Mondays and Wednesdays evening BJJ classes, from 7pm to 8pm, it’s time to our well-designed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Flow Class, at our San Clemente facility. Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Flow is for all levels martial artists, specially for beginners.

13 Apr

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Together to Celebrate Its Instructors Birthday

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente family will get  together to celebrate our Instructor’s Birthday. Our San Clemente BJJ head Instructor Paulo just turned 37 years old last Friday, April 8th, and BJJ Black Belt Andre Lucic just turned 32 years old last Monday, April 11.

So to celebrate in  Brazilian and fun way, let’s all (martial arts, family and friends) go back again to Liberty Park in Talega this Sunday, April 17th. Let’s play some soccer and eat a delicious pot luck picnic. Please, we ask you to bring food and drink to share.

Last time that our BJJ San Clemente family got together, it was absolutely amazing! Almost 100 people showed up to Paulo’s BBQ. That time, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sensei Paulo wants to play some soccer. So he invites you to it!

We are looking forward to see you guys there!

Location: Liberty Park – Talega

Date: April 17 – Sunday

Starting time: 11 am – 2 pm

What to bring: since it’s a pot luck and a picnic, bring whatever food or drinks you want to share.

Everybody from our San Clemente brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, active and former students, friends and family members are all very welcome to join us! See you on the soccer field.

07 Apr

The Best Summer in San Clemente: Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts Camp Is Here

Our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente School is now offering the best and most excited 2011 Martial Arts Summer Camp in San Clemente and in south of Orange County. After so many requests, our top Jiu-Jitsu Master Paulo Guillobel officially announced his full schedule for summer that includes his jiu-jitsu Seminars in Hong Kong, China and  his camps at home, in San Clemente.

” Our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente offers the best martial arts kids program in town. And because of it, a lot of parents asked me not only to keep our programs during summer but also develop a camp’, explains Sensei Paulo why he decided to create a camp.

The 2011 Martial Arts Camp promises to be the best option in town, but the spaces are limited. So if you are interested in sign up your child, you must hurry up. Check it out the special Martial Art Summer Camp San Clemente.


Our Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts Summer Camp will be hosted on July 11-15th. So please, save the date and log in to the website above to get more information.

01 Apr

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Proves at the BJJ Pan American Size does not matter

Our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente head instructor proved that Jiu-Jitsu is not about strength. After winning his weight division at the BJJ 2011 Pan American Championship, our BJJ black belt professor  didn’t stop. He wanted some more. Paulo registered to the most challenge of all divisions, the Black Belt Absolute Division, of the 2nd biggest BJJ tournament.

After 3 matches and a gold medal, our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente champion still had some energy left. ‘I was feeling great. But when I saw my  first opponent I couldn’t believe… I was just in the changing room and I heard someone saying that his weight crashed my friend’s knee… When I started to fight, I felt almost like fighting against the Superman. I never fought against someone so strong… I kept thinking that Jiu-Jitsu is maximum of efficiency to minimum of effort. And that gave me strength. I knew I could make it. I just had to tired him out’, says our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente BJJ Owner.

‘This fight wasn’t the most fun to watch. Probably, as my wife said, it was painful or even funny to see… A huge guy shaking the little one, almost like a puppet… But the beauty of jiu-jitsu is just that: you can always adjust your game to your physical ability… I end up winning because of it: strategy and jiu-jitsu techniques overcame strength’, comments Paulo out loud to his San Clemente friends and students.

29 Mar

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu at the Pan American: 6 well deserved medals

Our San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu one more time proves that we stand for performance. Last weekend, March 24th – 27th, at University of California Irvine the entire Jiu-Jitsu World was watching the best competitors fight. And our San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu team wouldn’t be out.

Our San Clemente BJJ students brought 4 medals home: 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze – which is an amazing result. Besides their impressive achievements, on Saturday was the time of our jiu-jitsu  head instructor Paulo. Guillobel, like last year, brought a very solid, strategic and tight jiu jitsu game: take downs, amazing guard defense, sweeps,  guard pass, side control and submissions. He simply built his way to the tallest step of the podium, out of 11 BJJ competitors, comfortably.

After guaranteed his jujitsu Gold medal on his division, our San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu black belt 4 stripes decided to compete for the Absolute Division (division which anyone, with no limit weight, can participate). Our professor faced on his first match the heaviest and strongest competitor over 270 pounds. Our San Clemente master won all the way to the final after 4 fights. At the final, our master caught up by points with the competitor. Being even, the decision was made by the referee – that  gave it to the opponent. San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu instructor Paulo then won a Silver medal for his amazing fights at the Black Belt Absolute division in 2011.

P.S.: BJJ Sensei Paulo in all his career earned 4 Jiu-Jitsu Pan American gold medals.

25 Mar

3 of our students from San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu brought Pan American Medals Home Just Today

Our San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu academy earned 3 medals only today at the Jiu-Jitsu Pan American Championship, in Irvine. Their performance was amazing! BJJ blue belt Andre Lucic fought 3 matches and won all of them, bringing home the gold; Jason Hughes also stepped on the tallest spot of the podium, after winning against 4 opponents; Pat made an amazing journey until the final, bringing home the Silver jiu jitsu medal.

Go San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Team!

‘I’m extremely proud of all our students from San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu. They showed so much heart, technical skills and team work. San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu is the best team in town in all levels’, says Sensei Paulo. Tomorrow, Saturday morning (at 10am), it’s the turn of  our master. Sensei Paulo and Andre’ll step on the jiu-jitsu mat with their best game.

If you are planning to go and cheer for our professors, don’t forget to wear the San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu outfit! Let’s show our proud in being part of our team and represent it!


24 Mar

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Has No Classes This Weekend

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Academy will be closed this Friday and Saturday, March 25th and 26th. Our BJJ team will be representing San Clemente at the 2011 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan American Championship. Both of our jiu-jitsu instructors, Sensei Andre and Paulo, as well as my students will be competing and performning at their best at the 2nd biggest tournament in the World, to be held in Irvine.

Friday, Blue belts Andre Pretzel, Greg Tyson, Jason Hughes and purple belt Rayom Ribeiro will be on the mat working to bring a gold medal home. On Saturday is the turn of  Luiz Gonzalez (starts to fight at 9 am),Pedro Soriano, and Andre Lucic (at 10 am) and Paulo (at 11am). Besides their division, most of our brazilian jiu-jitsu san clemente students  will also fight on the open division. So, let’s all cheer for our BJJ family. If you want to be there, don’t forget to wear our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente T-shirt and hats.

Address: 100 Bren event center, University California IrvineIrvine, California 92617

More Info: Call Catarina at 949 228-3870

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Receives 2 Top Black Belts

Besides all the hard training, our top staff did a last training Wednesday night at our San Clemente facility after the surprisedly visit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belts Leo Dalla and his students from Washington DC; and Baby, BJJ instructor at Emirates Arab United. Long time friends, all the 4 instructors caught up with the news.



23 Mar

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Against Violence: 3 Free Workshops to be Announced

San Clemente embraces our Jiu-Jitsu Academy for many different reasons: for the life skills that we teach our kids, for the extra pounds lost when taking our BJJ classes, for the confidence instilled in everyone with less than 8 weeks of training… but certainly, more and more, our quiet and peaceful San Clemente is thanking us for another reason: our San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Academy teaches our residents how to protect themselves efficiently.

Last week, one more case of abuse against a child hit news: more than 15 years ago a San Clemente church volunteer abused from a underage girl (under 14 at the time) for 3 years, from 1993 to 1995. ‘It’s sad but it’s a reality that predators walk freely through our San Clemente. We cannot allow that. This girl (now 30 years old) found the courage just now to come to the police and report it. It’s been 15 years that the violence took place… it marked this girl’s life forever. Can you image if in that period someone else was a victim?’ says San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor Paulo.

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu: An Effective Way Against Violence

“Jiu-Jitsu is the most effective martial arts for self-defense. Why is that? Because Jiu-Jitsu does not rely on strength, it’s pure leverage”, explains Sensei Paulo at his Women Self-defense seminar. Paulo’s San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Academy offers a FREE community service by teaching our Orange County residents (women, adults and child) against rape, abduction and other forms of violence (emotional and verbal).

Before summer of 2011, Jiu-Jitsu Master Paulo in partnership with local police officer will offer 3 free workshops at his San Clemente facility. So keep tune!

For more information at the case click on the link below:


21 Mar

Mission Hospital in Partnership with San Clemente BJJ against Obesity – part 2

Last week, our San Clemente BJJ Academy received a great staff from Mission Hospital. They did a biometric screening of our brazilian jiu-jitsu students and an amazing presentation about Sugar and its consequences to your health. Our BJJ students and staff is very thankful for this partnership. Together, we can fight obesity.

Take a look at the pictures at our BJJ San Clemente event. More to come!