16 Dec

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente 2010 End of the Year

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Team got together last night, Dec 15th, to celebrate our friendship. Our 3 top BJJ black belts and more than 120 students and family members honored us with their presence. Our Jiu-Jitsu head instructor Paulo Guillobel started the night with the accomplishments of 2010. Looking back, our family grew so much and so powerful that our team earned in 2010 more than 60 medals and 2 big team trophies – proving that Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente stands for high performance.

After the speech of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master, we all took the 2010 Guillobel BJJ Team Picture of the Year at our San Clemente facility. The Team End of the Year Picture is now a tradition in our academy. The picture will be hang forever in our walls because we are not only making friends but also history. At the end of our BJJ ceremony, Professor Paulo upgraded a lot of martial artists students with belts and stripes, including our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Andre Lucic that earned his 3rd stripe after completed more than 9 years as a BJJ Black Belt.

Unfortunately, almost half of our team couldn’t make it to the picture… next year we have more. For now, let’s make history on the mat.

15 Dec

BJJ San Clemente and MMA fighter Fernando Bernstein fights this Thursday

BJJ San Clemente and MMA fighter Fernando Bernstein fights this Thursday, Dec 16th, in Irvine Marriott Battle In The Ballroom show of 2010, California. Our friend Fernando (3-4) is responsible for the Mixed Martial Arts action tomorrow night. Bernstein with a record of 3-4, battles 2-6 Leonardo Soares out of Gardena.
MMA figther Fernando trains at Finish Strong with Adam Watts and Boxer Coach Dani. The event promises great fights. San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu head Instructor Paulo Guillobel encourages all our students and San Clemente MMA lovers to go and support our friend.
Tickets for the December 16th Battle In The Ballroom show can be purchased online and you can check out the entire Fight Card at www.battleintheballroom.com.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu plays a big roles in the MMA fights. BJJ empowers you to not only control your opponent, but also to take him/her down, to be comfortable on top or on the bottom, to learn how to sweep, how to get the back and, most important, how to finish the fight as soon as possible applying the submissions.
Guillobel BJJ offers you 2 weeks of FREE training. Call now 949 366-2107

13 Dec

BJJ San Clemente 2010 End of the Year Picture Day this Wednesday

BJJ San Clemente 2010 End of the Year Picture Day will be one of those days that will be remembered forever in the history of our Jiu-Jitsu Academy. We will take a picture of the whole group of BJJ students together, kids and adults, so we can hang it on the wall. That picture will be there for as long as Guillobel Academy exists, it will be part of our history together here in San Clemente.

I will be awarding my good friend and long time student, Sensei Andre, the 3rd Degree on his BJJ black belt, and updating every one that deserves to be promoted. Blue belts and stripes will be given. So… show Up this Wednesday, Dec 15th at 5:30 pm with your clean and neat uniform.

What: 2010 End of Year BJJ Picture Day and Belt Upgrade

When: December 15th – 5:30 pm

Where: Guillobel BJJ Academy

11 Dec

BJJ Women Self-Defense Seminar in San Clemente was a Big Success

San Clemente Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu received today almost 20 women for its BJJ Women Self-Defense Seminar. Police Officer Robert Foss and San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Instructors Paulo Guillobel and Andre Lucic made not only this seminar possible, but incredible. All Three of this top team brought their best insights and knowledge about sexual assault awareness, self-defense, and human behavior.

The BJJ Women Self-Defense Seminar started with a very powerful presentation by Officer Foss on this shocking reality, with accurate statistics and tips on how to avoid those harmful situations, followed by very effective self-defense techniques taught by BJJ Black Belt Paulo Guillobel. The seminar was very informative and hands on and, as Kelly Austin (one of the attendees) said, “it was an amazing seminar!”.

Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente in partnership with Police Officer Robert Foss are determined to help our San Clemente community by bringing awareness to sexual assaults against women.

P.S.: If you missed it, don’t worry! This FREE Community Event will happen again next year. Keep Tune!

Did you know that there are 18 official sexual offenders living in San Clemente (92672) and 5 official offenders living at zip code 92673?
More Info: http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/

10 Dec

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Hosts a Free Women Self-Defense Seminar this Saturday

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Hosts a Free Women Self-Defense Seminar this Saturday, Dec 11th from 10:30 am to noon, at Guillobel BJJ Academy. Police Office Robert Foss will bring to us the hard reality that happens to so many women. After Foss’s powerful presentation, San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor Paulo Guillobel will teach the ladies how to protect themselves using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Every women over 16 years old are welcome. More info: 949 366-2107

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu’s Free Women Self-Defense Seminar – Some Stats:

– Sexual assault is one of the most unreported crimes with 60% unreported to
police. If an assault is reported, there is a 50.8% chance that an arrest will be made. If an
arrest is made, there is an 80% chance of prosecution.

– Approximately 2/3 of sexual assaults were committed by someone known to
the victim. Of those, 38% are a friend or acquaintance, 28% are an intimate, and 7% are
a relative.

– More than 50% of all sexual assaults were reported by victims to have occurred within 1
mile of their home or at their home.

09 Dec

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente offers BJJ Private Class Gift Certificate – Now Available

Guillobel BJJ Classes Gift Certificate

Guillobel BJJ Classes Gift Certificate

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente brings one elegant way to give as a present one of our group or private classes. Our San Clemente BJJ Private Class Gift Certificate and our 1 Month Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class Gift Certificate are now available. You can take advantage of this great idea any time, but why not get it this Christmas?

Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente December Promotion

On top of the nice look, our BJJ / MMA / Fitness classes Gift Certificate also comes with a nice discount until Dec 23rd. If you get any one of our classes gift certificate, you’ll save $20. And if it wasn’t enough, our San Clemente BJJ Black Belt Paulo decided to raffle one Private Class to who spends more than $50 or more on our store this month. Be Santa!

P.S.: This great idea for the Gift Certificate was suggested by our Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente martial artists. We listen to you. We are a family.

Thank you.

07 Dec

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu bows to this Example of Goal Settings

San Clemente BJJ Instructor Paulo Guillobel took 8 years to earn his jiu-jitsu black belt. But it’s not about how long it takes, It is about achieving it and the extraordinary feeling of doing so. Everything started because our professor had set a goal, and he’s never taken his mind away from it. His goal was to wear proudly the top belt, but most importantly, to live, to know, and to honor what that belt represents.

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu knows how important goal setting is to anyone to accomplish their dreams – on the mat or outside of it. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy respectfully bows to San Clemente resident William “Bill” Laity for becoming the world’s record holder of the longest continuous surf session. That’s a great example of goal setting and accomplishment. Very impressive! Very inspiring! Watch this video above and tell me what you think.

06 Dec

San Clemente BJJ Promotion for the End of the Year

San Clemente BJJ Academy is offering an amazing Promotion for the End of the Year. Besides our improvement in bringing personalized BJJ gears and products, we are also bringing a better price.

San Clemente BJJ Head Instructor, Paulo Guillobel, decided to add even more: if you buy more than $50 in products at our store, you can win a 1 hour private class with our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts.

If you go to our Guillobel San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Store, take a look at our display (with a variety of colors and sizes). You will find sweaters, t-shirts long sleeve and short sleeve, hats, rashguards (this Thursday we’ll receive more), …

Besides our products and services, you can also use our Gift Certificate ($20 OFF until Dec 23rd) to surprise who you love. Are you ready to shop?

P.S.: We’ll raffle the Guillobel BJJ Private Class on Jan 3rd.

03 Dec

San Clemente MMA and BJJ Fighter Joe Calavitta won by Submission

San Clemente MMA and BJJ Fighther Joe Calavitta won his Mixed Martial Arts fight tonight against Horatio Rodriguez in the first round, with 3 minutes and 16 seconds of fight. Joe Calavitta dominated the entire fight. Calavitta took Rodriguez down, mounted, got the back and applied a submission, the Rear Naked Choke. Rodriguez tapped out.

The MMA fight happened during the XFC 13th, in Tampa/Florida, today Friday Dec 3rd 2010.

For more information check the event’s official site: http://officialxfc.com/

03 Dec

MMA: Our BJJ San Clemente Student Joe Calavitta fights Tonight

Our BJJ San Clemente Student Joe Calavitta fights Tonight, Friday, Dec 3rd 2010, at the 13th Extreme Fight Championship, in Tampa/Florida. Calavitta is a well known Wrestling fighter, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt under Paulo Guillobel.

Please join us to watch his MMA fight on HDNet. Call us and let’s all get together and cheer: Cata’s number 949 228-3870

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