04 Sep

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, The Last Line of Defense

Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the most popular sports in the world today. It has replaced boxing as preferred viewership among spectators.   MMA gives the world a glimpse of all sorts of fighting styles and different ways you can protect yourself from your opponent.  The fights are usually about 3 minutes a round and anywhere from 3-5 rounds depending on the fight.  Opponents go at it in whichever fighting style they choose.  There is a referee, judges and a point system.   People watch intently to see who will win by knockout, submission, or by number of points based on criteria (punches landed, etc.).  The problem with MMA is that it doesn’t necessarily reflect what happens on the street.  I’m not trying to trivialize anyone who fights MMA, they’re all exceptionally talented fighters.  What about the average person who isn’t a professionally trained fighter who wants to learn self-defense against an attacker on the street?  MMA is a sport.  Anything can happen on the streets.

There is no referee on the streets. No judges. No point system. In a situation like these survival is all that matters and that is the focus of the self-defense classes at Guillobel in San Clemente on Saturday mornings.

What separates this class from others at Guillobel is that it is grassroots Jiu-Jitsu Class 101.  As Sensei Paulo states, “My Jiu-Jitsu comes from a focus of pure self-defense.”  Students not only learn tried and true Jiu-Jitsu survival techniques they also learn theory behind what they learn.  There isn’t any rolling. No heavy drilling. A simple stretch to warm up the body and then straight into an hour of grassroots street survival skills. No ego. No competition. Just a simple neutralization. When you begin the class you will immediately realize there is a reason and purpose behind every move you make giving you an enlightening training experience. He continues, “I’m from Brazil and I’ve been in all sorts of altercations on the street that were life-threatening.”  It’s Murphy’s Law on the street and anything that can happen on the streets, will happen.

The basis of training Jiu-Jitsu at Guillobel is survival.  If you are put into a situation or physical altercation, which cannot be dealt with peaceably, you simply walk away, if not you run, and when all else fails, you defend yourself or someone who cannot do so for themselves.  Jiu-Jitsu was developed to empower the weak and give them a fighting chance against stronger opponents.  Yes, it is also a fun and entertaining sport to watch within the realm of MMA but you cannot compare what happens in a controlled environment to what happens on the street.  Don’t get me wrong.  Competition is a positive character building experience and all who practice any martial art and have an opportunity to compete should do so.  But let’s not forget no matter what happens on the mats is trivial compared to what can happen on the streets.

Be alert. Stay focused. Stay sharp.  Train like your life depends on it.

12 Aug

The Secret to Find the Perfect Martial Art School for Your Family in San Clemente

In San Clemente there is a burger restaurant called the Riders Club.  Some people in town consider this to be the best burger in town.  What makes it so great?  The ingredients.   The Riders Club sports some of the freshest meat you’ll find at any burger joint.  They have beef, chicken, and quinoa for vegetarians; quality food that offers something for everyone, and most likely the healthiest option when deciding where to find a burger in town.  Compare it to any fast food chain in San Clemente and you will find the competition is inferior due to the Riders Club’s quality.  Sure, you may get your food faster, and it may be cheaper but when was the last time you heard the words, “fast” and “cheap” in the same sentence pertaining to something you found interesting? In the wake of the popularity of Mixed Marital Arts and the recent boom in gyms that specialize in MMA, it’s hard to figure out where the quality gyms are.

            Take a drive in most neighborhoods and no doubt you will find a BJJ studio somewhere nearby.  Some of these gyms operate much like a fast food franchise.  It becomes about expansion of their business rather than becoming a grassroots effort to get involved with the community.   Now that there are gyms everywhere, where does one go to train? What are you looking for in a gym?  What are the quality ingredients you want? To get in-shape? Self-defense?  Competition?  These are some questions you should ask yourself when selecting a gym to learn and practice jujitsu.  When determining what you eat and the quality of ingredients you choose, isn’t your overall health your main concern? The quality of where you learn BJJ is just as vital.

Jiu-Jitsu is a lifelong investment.  You want to get the best out of your training not only from your instructors but from the other students as well.  Great teachers and senseis will train great students.  The vibe you get in Guillobel is no different.  Not only is every instructor world-class but the students are as well.  Everybody is learning from somebody else.  It is a constant process of learning and evolving that organically takes place within our gym.  This is due to our quality ingredients we choose to have at Guillobel and what is expected of every student be it from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Your body and mind are trained for an optimal learning experience no matter whom you practice with at Guillobel.  Next time you compare gyms make sure you take a look the components they choose.

31 Jul

Can Brazilian Jiu jitsu Help Your Fight Against Depression?

Depression can be debilitating in a persons life.   During a season of depression people often feel tired, weak and low on energy.   Individuals who experience depression find it hard to find the drive to do even the little things in everyday life.   According to the Center for Disease Control, only 6% of Adults in The United States experience heavy depression but it is safe to assume that everybody experiences depression at least one time in their lives.   When it comes to remedies for depression physical exercise is at the top of the list and it should be.  Nothing could be better for your body and your mind than to stimulate them both; put yourself to work and enjoy a pleasing amount of endorphins.  This blogger argues that depression is nothing more than unused energy waiting to get out.  If not channeled into some form of positive outlet it will manifest itself into boredom and self-centeredness.  So what does this mean for the person who is experiencing depression right now? Go for a run? Sure.  Join a gym to gain physical stamina and uplift your spirits? Ok, but what if the gym isn’t your thing; the impersonal environment with people that you don’t know, maybe you talk to them or just make eye contact occasionally.   Maybe you do go the gym but after a while the repetition of lifting weights gets tiring after a while and then eventually becomes boring altogether.  It’s difficult to find motivation when undesirable situations cause mental blockage. 

            What does this have to do with Jujitsu? Everything.  BJJ is not only considered the most effective martial art but also a great workout with incredible results for both your body and your mind.  Students who come into Guillobel who have never participated in any type of martial arts before have seen the fruits of their labor both physical and mental.  Some say that they have found it to be the most effective workout they’ve ever experienced.  Every moment in practicing jujitsu or “rolling” your body is constantly moving while exerting energy and strength giving your body a physical condition that would take hours and months lifting weights in various positions to achieve the kind of physical statue practicing BJJ grants. Another unique part of a BJJ gym is the sense of community.  

Practicing BJJ allows you to train with complete strangers at times forcing yourself to focus when going through drills while at the same time respecting your partner to help her/him through theirs.  It takes you out of your world and brings you into something bigger.  People who workout with partners often train harder.  When you train BJJ its almost guaranteed you will be training with somebody else giving you the opportunity to get to know other people and achieving goals together.   When people engage in physical in a positive atmosphere with others their sense of self-esteem is raised.  “ An enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere is something I look to achieve daily for Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu Academy,” says Sensei Paulo Guillobel.  This sense of community is vital.  You never get that going into a regular gym unless you have a friend to go with every single time.  You always have someone cheering you on and helping you out with an excitement becomes contagious.  After some time you begin to see the progress of yourself and others, and are excited for their hard work as well.

After sometime training a person will see that their bodies have changed from the intense physical exercise.  They have become mentally stronger because, often times than not, a white-belt finds themselves at the mercy of higher-ranking practitioners and eventually finds out that patience and persistence in undesirable situations are the keys to learning the BJJ. Besides all of that you will be learning a life skill that can be vital to character development.  It will give you confidence and perspective on life.  I’ve personally learned much about myself.  Before I would experience low-levels of self-confidence, which would then lead to mild depression.  After I started training Jujitsu I discovered much about myself and how I respond to stressful situations. I’ve basically rewired my brain to handle much more than I was previously capable of.  I’ve made many new friends at Guillobel, which is great because I always have a place where I can meet up with people and socialize.   The benefits of JiuJitsu and what it can do for your mental well-being are substantial.  You’d just have to find out for yourself.  Jujitsu can change your life and attitude, if you let it. 

24 Jul

Martial Arts Demonstration at San Clemente Ocean Festival

Our Kids Martial Arts Demo Team

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu jitsu martial arts demonstration at San Clemente Ocean festival last weekend was a great success!

This year’s event, the city of San Clemente did an amazing job making the kids pavilion stage more accessible and with a better sound system. They even hire for the first time a professional DJ. The beach was packed even though the weather didn’t help much. Overall, it was a great event and we were proud to be invited again to participate in it. We were the only school to have two days of demonstration.

Our Kids Black Belt Club Demo Team did great part of the demonstration and they are getting better every year. It was fun to watch the crowd’s look of amazement every time one of our Kids was showing more advanced techniques like takedowns or any kind of BJJ submission or self-defense.  

We had seven groups of kids demonstrating Brazilian jiu-jitsu self-defense techniques, with ages ranging from 5 to 13 years old. We also had three very knowledgeable black belts showing the crowd some of their moves – Sensei Paulo Guillobel, Andre Lucic and Claudio Ribeiro.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of our Demonstration Team (Demo Team), was the special Demo Team Classes designed to prepare our team for the event, where our students had hours to practice their martial arts techniques and organize their routine.

During these classes, our instructors did a great job supervising the students and letting them decide which Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves they would use for the Ocean Festival demonstration in San Clemente. Our goal as mentors is always to stimulate our student’s creativity, team work and leadership, therefore preparing them, not only to Martial Art events, but also for a successful future.

This video shows our Demo Team rehearsing their routine three days before the event.

Demo Team Martial arts

So overall, it was another great weekend for The Guillobel Brazilian jiu jitsu family in San Clemente, Orange County, and we would like to thank all of the parents, students and instructors for participating and making this Brazilian jujitsu demonstration the best ever!

04 Jun

Proud Moment at Our Martial Arts School in San Clemente

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Martial Arts Academy on Saturday, May 18th, hosted a very special event – which we call – our Belts & Stripes Ceremony Day. The Belts & Stripes Ceremony Day is one of those special days, when Guillobel BJJ students are awarded with their new belts and stripes, and also Certificates of achievements to our students that have been having outstanding performance and attitude.

Our instructors where really proud to see this amazing team of determined children and adults (men & women) gathering in one dojo to celebrate together each other’s achievements. From our Little Ninja group to our Masters and Seniors of our fundamental and advanced programs.

In martial arts, the moment students get recognized for their achievement is a very important moment in their lives. It’s like winning a very special award that symbolizes all the incredible effort they put into their martial arts training, their improvement and persistence. It’s also a wonderful self-esteem booster, because it makes them feel really good and proud of themselves.

At Guillobel Brazilian JuJitsu Academy we don’t award our students easily. They really have to show they have what it takes to move up in belts or even stripes (They need to earn 4 stripes to earn their belt). “That was the way I was awarded my belts and stripes in Brazil and that is how my students will be awarded too”, said Sensei Paulo Guillobel, the founder and owner of Guillobel BJJ Academy.

On the paragraph above lays one of the reasons our school has such a high standard, and why people get so impressed with the level of our students when they come visit our martial arts school.

Here is the list of our students that got promoted to their new belts:

  • ·         To White/yellow – Caden, Nathan, Xyler
  • ·         To White/orange – Loyal
  • ·         To Gray/white – Noah, Micah, Aiden, Gabriel, Lexi, Morgan, Luanna, Collin, Samuel, Isaac and Steve
  • ·         To Gray – Nolan, Braden, Nathan, Logan, Luke, Deven and Jasmine
  • ·         To Gray/Black – Emma, Avery, Jadon, Nico, Miles
  • ·         To Orange/Black – Sofia
  • ·         To Blue – Carlos

A good group of students also got invited to our prestigious advanced programs such as BJJ Combative, BJJ Combative Competition, Black Belt Club and Elite. Congratulations to all!

02 Apr

Guillobel Brazilian JiuJitsu San Clemente Teaching to Count in Portuguese

At Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School every student must learn how to count at least until 10 in Portuguese (Native language spoken in Brazil).

The reason is to keep the tradition alive. That was how our Sensei Paulo Guillobel learnt and all the other original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belts too, but the majority of schools out there don’t do it.

Learning how to count until 10 in Portuguese is just one of many traditional things Guillobel Brazilian Jujitsu San Clemente students learn in our program. The respect and friendship that comes with the practice of martial arts such as BJJ are also some of the other benefits our student get.

So bellow we wrote the one to ten words and their translation in Portuguese, but we extremely recommend you to click on the link bellow so you can listen how it sounds and learn exclusively from our Sensei.

  1. one – um
  2. Two – dois
  3. Three – tres
  4. Four – quatro
  5. Five – cinco
  6. Six – seis
  7. Seven – Sete
  8. Eight – oito
  9. Nine – nove
  10. Ten – dez

Click on the link bellow to watch the video
Guillobel Brazilian Jiujitsu San Clemente Teaching to Count in Portuguese


14 Feb

How San Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Can Help Your Child Prevent Bullying


The superiority of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu amongst the Martial Arts and in the UFC octagon is clear; BJJ is arguably the absolute best Martial Art for kids and teens to learn to protect themselves against a bully.

As much as adults want to protect their children against bullying, it is an unfortunate reality and it is rife throughout the United States. A recent study showed that California was the worst state to live in for bullying, followed by New York and Illinios. Officially statistics from the American Justice Department state that 1 out of 4 children are bullied each month. Of all kids and teens surveyed, 77% say they have been the victim of bullying! So unless your child is already the bully, the reality is that someone will try to bully them sooner or later. All you can do is try to give them all the tools for self-defense that you possibly can. That’s why you need to choose BJJ.

The main reason Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is so effective for kids and teens, is that it does not rely on size and streghth and is actually ideal for use against larger and tougher attackers. The majority of fights end up on the ground. The grappling and ground fighting skills learned in BJJ will provide your child with the tools to protect themselves or others in the most critical moments they may face.

However, there is another major reason why wise adults are choosing Marital Arts Academies like Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the one run by Paulo Guillobel in San Clemente, California. Today, in America, there is a very fine line between defending yourself and being guilty of assaulting someone, even if it is out of self-defense. Martial Arts that focus on strikes like kicking and punching can seriously injury a bully or in some cases even kill a bully. Great BJJ instructors know how to train your kids to use their new skills in the right way and at the right time because the nature of the techniques they will learn, enable them to control a bully until the bully gives up or help arrives.

For those Parents who are concerned about teaching their kids and teens to fight, it is important to remember over 100,000 kids carry guns to school in the U.S. and that situations like Columbine arise when children are bullied and have no other way to protect themselves. Give them the self-defense technequies they need.

Of course beyond using BJJ to defend themselves at school, it also offers them valuable priciples and self disipline, its a great way to keep them healthy and fit, and BJJ can enable them to protect siblings (both younger and older) and fight off predators. Beside, BJJ offers an incredible opportunity to enjoy excellent quality time together.

28 Dec

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Belt Ceremony

Our San Clemente Kids Jiu Jitsu Team

The Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-jitsu San Clemente end-of-the-year Belt Ceremony was a great success. We had the biggest turnout of our Academy’s history, with almost 100 students showing up to get awarded with their belts and stripes.

It’s becoming part of Guillobel BJJ San Clemente School’s tradition to hold an event where our staff, students and their families get together to celebrate each other’s achievements. As a martial artist, we know how much of a hard work our teammates have put on the dojo to get to the level they are at now, and how important is, for them, the day that they are moving up in their jiu jitsu journey and getting one step closer from their black belts.

It is great to watch closely all the progress made by our students that have been following our Academy for many years. Once beginners, today they have become brown belts, purple belts and blue belts. Also all the championships we won together as a team, like the American Nationals, Pan American and Worlds.

Let’s not forget our Kids Empowerment Program that today has more than 80 children learning self-defense and life skills that will help them grow with confidence and high self-esteem (extremely important traits for their future success).

Now, let’s go over the students that got promoted to the next belt during our latest Belt Ceremony, and congratulations to the ones that got one more stripe on their belts!

Our Little Ninjas Loyal and Bella Kenworthy moved to white with yellow stripe and gray with white stripe belts respectively. Bella also got invited to our Black Belt Club Team, congratulations Bella!!!

Our “Silent Ninja” Christian Whelan from our Black Belt Club got his gray with black stripe belt. Also from our Black Belt Club, Brody Byerly got his solid yellow belt, and Izabella Pacheco and Noah Brown got their yellow with black stripe. Our “little samurai” Nathan Duffy and Logan Peacock got their gray belt with white stripe.

And for the adults, Stephen Fenton, Mike Copolla, Chris Pehkoff and Devin Mathis got their blue belts; Greg Tyson, Chris Whelan, Josh Hayes got their purple belts; and at last but not least Tom Jessop, Jason Hughes and Andre “Pretzel” Pontes got their brown belt.

 Congratulations to you guys and thank you for being part of our BJJ Family!


San Clemente BJJ Adult Team


18 Sep

Guillobel Bjj Academy San Clemente at Brazilian Jiu jitsu Nationals 2012

About two weeks ago – September 8th and 9th, 2012, the guillobel brazilian jiu-jitsu team went to the most important North American bjj tournament, to be one of the teams to represent the Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Association in this event.

In  The American Nationals, the best teams, associations and academies in the nation gather to compete for the prestigious title of north American champion. This year this single event became two: American Nationals with Gi and No-Gi. Two tournaments that belong to the International Brazilian Jiu jiutsu Federation (IBJJF), with distinct scores and prizes for each, held in different days (Saturday 09/08/12 and Sunday 09/09/12).

Guillobel Brazilian jiu-jitsu took 6 competitors, a fraction of the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association Team, but was responsible for 40% to 50% of the points earn by the association on both days. The Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Association, that belongs to two multiple times world champion brothers Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, took first place on team points becoming for the second time the best team in the nation.

The Guillobel BJJ founder Sensei Paulo Guillobel was at the tournament along with Sensei Antonio Antonioli and all the other instructors of Ribeiro Association to represent the team and raise the 1st place trophy of both events, beating Gracie Barra team, Alliance, Check Mate and others.

“I’m very honor to raise this trophy for our team in the name of my Senseis and friends Saulo Ribeiro and Xande Ribeiro. I was certained that our team would do well, but winning both days was an amazing experience.” Said Sensei Paulo while being interviewed after getting the title for the team.

Jason Hughes, Andre Pontes, Aron Goldsman, Chris Whalen, Greg Tyson and Micheal Coppola were the names of the competitors that represented San Clemente and Guillobel BJJ. Jason Hughes, a purple belt at 38 years old, was the biggest name of our team. He brought to San Clemente 4 gold medals, winning all the fights by submission. Andre Pontes, also a purple belt, brought 2 gold. Chris Whalen, a 39 years old blue belt won one gold and one silver. Greg Tyson at 43 years old won one gold, Aron won one gold and one bronze and Mike Coppola at his first major tournament got bronze. With this performance our team was responsible to score 86 points alone for Ribeiro Jiu jitsu team.



11 Sep

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Yoga New Schedule and Classes

Yoga Classes at Guillobel BJJ in San Clemente

Yoga Classes at Guillobel BJJ in San Clemente

This Monday – September 10, Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente school is  starting its new schedule, with   NEW programs and activities.

We are opening officially our YOGA Program for beginners with two classes in the morning and two classes in the evening. Our morning Yoga classes are with Eliane Carotta and our evening classes are with Penny Thomas.

Why Yoga?

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy believes that Yoga is a perfect complement for any martial art training, but also to anyone that wants to give the BEST treatment for their body. Yoga will mostly work on our mind (where we always need to work on), our breathing, balance, flexibility and core strength. It calms us down preparing us to face the stressful day-to-day things with lees stress. We are offering a WEEK FREE for any new student. For more information call us on 949-366-2107.

Guillobel BJJ Academy is also opening classes for intermediate level of Brazilian ju jitsu, which is part of our BJJ Combative Program. We are opening this level in our program to best accommodate our students that achieved a technical level beyond fundamental, but are not in the advanced level yet. These classes have a customize curriculum that makes easier the transition from white belt to blue belt, and so forth.

So if you are one of our students from the fundamental program, your next step will be the BJJ Combative program, then the BJJ Combative Competition, and Ultimately The BJJ Elite Program. For each level up will be given more of the appropriated knowledge and the desired benefits.

Our Elite Team and BJJ Combative Team are within the BEST BJJ teams in the world in competition level. Among the students of these programs there are many world champions, Pan American champions and American champions, that will be sharing the mat with every new member of the group.