28 Jul

An amazing BJJ month for our Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Academy

July was an amazing month for our Jiu Jitsu Academy in San Clemente. Our bjj school and martial artists performed at their best during the biggest event in town and at 2 big tournaments in L.A. area.

To start, our academy received almost 20 kids for our 2011 Martial Arts Summer Camp. Our kids had so much fun that they voted our camp the best jiu jitsu camp in San Clemente.

At the same week, they also performed at the San Clemente’s Ocean Festival, both days, while other students fought at the South Bay Open tournament. Jonas Hawbecker, Rayom Ribeiro and Andre Pontes earned 3 more medals to our school.

On the following weekend, at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Best of the West No Gi, 4  more medals were brought home from Joaquim O’Campo, Rayom Ribeiro and Ricardo Ribeiro. (P.S.  so far, since Jan 2011, our school earned more than 37 medals, including Jiu Jitsu Pan American Gold Medal by Sensei Paulo).

To finish the month, San Clemente head instructor Paulo recognized the improvements of our martial artists and gave a very well desrved BJJ purple belt to Jason Hughes, Andre Pretzel Pontes, Cody Walton; BJJ blue belt Chris Whelan, Ryan Rojas and Fernando Alves; and many stripes to our kids, adults and women who are moving up. Let’s keep the good work. Our BJJ San Clemente school is getting better and better.

27 Jul

Not sure how our brazilian jiu jitsu san clemente school can help build your child self esteem?

 Our Guillobel BJJ San Clemente is proud to offer the #1 Kids Empowerment Program in South of Orange County. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente School is the best resource for any parents that desires the best for their children.

Today, more than 100 parents take advantage of our amazing character development program because they understand how Jiu Jitsu Martial Art empowers and builds a solid foundation in their kids.

If some how you are not familiar in how Martial Arts can help your child, our Jiu Jitsu Head Instructor Paulo putted together an informational and interested report that list all the major benefits that your child gets (and explain how it can be achieved through BJJ training).

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15 Jul

Our Jiu Jitsu Academy on the News – at the San Clemente Patch

Yesterday the editor of San Clemente Patch, one of the top upcoming local news website, stopped by at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy to interview our Jiu Jisu black belt Penny Thomas. Please take the time to read the article as well as to share it in your facebook and twitter. Guillobel Jiu Jitsu = The Biggest Family of San Clemente.

Read Now: San Clemente Patch Interviews our female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Intructor

13 Jul

Great Success at the 3rd Day of Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp San Clemente

Today, Wednesday, July 13rd, it was the 3rd day of our Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts Summer Camp, hosted at our academy in San Clemente. Almost 20 kids joined us for a full morning of fun, jiu jitsu and information. The day started with a great warm up of Ginastica Natural and jiu jitsu techniques. Some games were played after and, with the need to recharge their batteries, the kids decorated their own yummy cookie.

Sensei Paulo shared his own experience with bullies and some techniques in how to avoid and handle this frequent situation. All the students were encourage to share their stories. It was a very empowering moment.

The head instructor of our BJJ San Clemente left the best (fun) part to the end of the morning, when we all went to the part to our Jiu-Jitsu Water balloon Fight. Tomorrow: more fun to come!


12 Jul

Have a Pick at the best 2011 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp in San Clemente


Have a Pick at the best 2011 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp in San Clemente. Sensei Paulo Guillobel put together a very fun and educational set of activities that reinforces and develops our San Clemente martial artists coordination, flexibility, safety awareness and social interaction, all through the practice of jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling and capoeira. We from Guillobel BJJ are very excited! can’t wait for tomorrow.


05 Jul

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Just Received Martial Arts Summer Camp T-Shirt

Today our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Summer Camp T-shirts just arrived and the kids loved! Even the adults asked for one… Our San Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School is very excited for next week, July 11 to 15th, when almost 20 kids will enjoy the 1st Martial Arts Summer Camp in San Clemente. Our BJJ San Clemente Instructor Paulo built a very fun and educational schedule that includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Wrestling and Judo classes; as well as anti bully and abduction prevention workshops. We still have 2 spots left… hurry up and sign up your child!

29 Jun

A good way to be good at Jiu Jitsu? Perfect Attendance

There is a good and long list of ways to be improve your Jiu-Jitsu, that does not rely on talent. Our San Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Head Instructor says that attendance (followed by consistency) is on the top of his list. Take a look the picture and try to figure out from who this card belongs to…

Yes, that’s right: it’s not from an adult, but from a kid who is 8 years old, that does not have freedom to come and go. So… if a kid, with 4 other brothers, can make to these many classes… it means you do not have the right of excuse.

P.S.: At the end of the year, our San Clemente BJJ instructor will reward the student with the best attendance during 2011… As you can see, some jiu jitsu students are taking serious…


29 Jun

Female BJJ World Champion Penny Thomas Now Teaching in San Clemente

Now our San Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and its students have the privilege to be taught by female BJJ World Champion Penny Thomas. Our Jiu Jitsu Master, Paulo Guillobel, decided to add one more top black belt to its team. ‘Our Guillobel BJJ is 100% committed to provide the best performance and environment to our students. We strongly believe that’s the best way to achieve ant goal. If you are looking to lose weight, to get in shape, to build confidence,  or whatever is your goal, certainly with the right guidance and support you’ll get there faster’.

Please, what our Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Sensei Paulo welcoming Penny Thomas.

25 Jun

Grappling X Medals earned by our San Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team

San Clemente BJJ student, Joaquim ‘The Machine’ O’Campo, represented our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in the best way today, June 25th 2011, at the Grappling X competition (held in San Diego). With a sharp performance and our professor Paulo Guillobel’s guidance, Joaquim made himself the BJJ No Gi Kids Champion after couple fights and a beautiful submission at the finals.

After he guaranteed his 1st medal, our little champion fought the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids Gi division. Joaquim didn’t do different, earning one more medal to our Martial Arts San Clemente Academy. With those 2 medals, our entire team brought home more than 30 medals since jan 2011. Not bad, hum?

22 Jun

BJJ San Clemente Demonstration One More Time at the Ocean Festival

For it’s 3rd consecutive time, it’s with great honor that our BJJ Jiu Jitsu San Clemente School will be not only sponsoring the ‘Greatest Show on Surf ‘event but as well as entretaining the kids and teens at the Children’s Pavilion, San Clemente Pier, with a very dynamic Martial Arts demonstration by our students and instructors.

‘The San Clemente Ocean Festival is the most iconic event that truly represents San Clemente’s spirit. Our local Martial Arts School is very proud to expose Jiu Jitsu to all guests and San Clemente residents’, explains BJJ Black Belt Paulo.

Being a surfer himself, BJJ Professor Paulo sees how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu complements any surfer’s performance and life-style. ‘I train professional surfers and it’s impressive to see how jiu jitsu and surf ties together, how each sports complement each other. At day, we use wetsuit, at night the gi’.

To participate at the Ocean Festival and to see our Jiu Jitsu demonstration, all you have to do is to show up at the San Clemente Pier on July 16th and 17th. Our BJJ Kids Ju Jitsu Demonstration will be held both day at 11am to noon, at the Children’s Pavilion. See you there!