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Jiu Jitsu San Clemente Building Self Esteem

 Self-esteem is the way we feel and think about ourselves. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself… belief in oneself [and] self-respect”. Self-esteem affects everything we do in our lives. Healthy self-esteem promotes a positive “Yes I Can” attitude, as opposed to a defeatist attitude of “No I Can’t”. Nowhere is this concept more important than in the life of a young child.
Children begin life helpless and dependent on their caregivers. In order to grow up to be happy and productive, they cannot stay that way. They must learn that they have a degree of control over their environment, and eventually, that they have more and more control over their own lives. They have to learn to have an attitude conducive to successful interaction with everything and everyone around them. They must learn to believe in
Unfortunately, too many children today worry about failure. They doubt their strengths, feel insecure, unfocused, are overly critical of themselves, and often don’t believe that they can achieve the best in life if they put themselves to the task. Poor self-esteem ends up negatively affecting everything they think, say, or do.
On the other hand, children who feel good about themselves will produce positive results. Helping your children grow up with strong character and self-esteem is arguably the most important task of parenthood. The child with good self-esteem has the best chance of becoming a successful and happy adult. Fortunately, self-esteem can be dramatically improved in a child who, with the guidance and encouragement of his parents, commits himself to the task of personal self-development.
Respected Role Models
Self-esteem is the armor that helps protect kids from the demons of life: alcohol, gangs, drugs, and destructive behavior. There are several things parents can do to instill and nurture a sense of self-esteem within their child.
First, the parents need to feel good about themselves, for children pick up on subtle messages about their own self worth from your body language and the way you talk about yourself. If you are often openly self critical in front of a child, he will learn to be self-critical, because parents have preeminent importance in a child’s life, and children model after their parents. By clearly demonstrating your own self worth, your child will respect you and learn to respect himself.
Giving the Child Attention
An important way you can teach your child his own value is by listening to him. When you listen to someone and give him or her your full attention, you in effect are telling them that you value them and what they have to say, and that they are important to you. Allow your child to express how he feels,  and let your child finish what he is saying before offering your point of view. The child will learn by example to listen to others the same way you listen  to him.

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