Guillobel BJJ At Las Palmas Jog-A-Ton


Guillobel BJJ San Clemente’s Little Ninjas coach Ricardo Silva and assit. coach Leo Barbosa went to Las Palmas elementary School in San Clemente, to show the kids our “Bully Be Gone” program during recess, right after the “Jog-A-Ton” event in a joint effort to get our youth moving, healthy and safe. The students and the Guillobel’s staff had a blast sharing a handful of self- defense techniques and exercises.  They learned from the “rock and bird”(double hand wrist grab defense) to the tomoenage (feet on hips sweep). The students of Las Palmas Elementary loved it all, from warm ups to techniques they could not get enough, even some of the staff got in on the action too! “We cannot wait for the next class!!!” were some of the comments we heard from both students and faculty alike. Plans for our return have already been made… San Clemente Parents who were concerned with the lack of exercise stimulating activities in schools got into contact with Master Paulo Guillobel. “…to get the kids moving, healthy and give them the confidence to put an end to bullying in their lives!” was the reason and Guillobel BJJ Academy of-course were on board. Thus this partnership was created. To get any information on our Academy, “Bully Be Gone” program, or to get our coaches to a school near you get into contact with us at 949-366-2107. Asst. Coach Leo will gladly answer all your questions