San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu head Instructor Paulo interviews one of his oldest student from US, Eric. Eric is being with Paulo for more than 8 years and in their journey through Pasadina, Torrance, San Pedro and finally San Clemente, they developed a great respect and admiration for each other. Besides their friendship, together both accomplished lots of titles as a BJJ competitors – always helping and supporting each other.

Eric is a live example of loyalty to his master. In a certain point, he drove almost 2 hours total just to train with his original team. It’s very impressive and rare to see his energy and commitment to our Jiu-Jitsu family.¬†Today Eric, a respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt 3 stripes, has been teaching Jiu-Jitsu in Hong Kong, China, for more than 6 months. Even from far away, he always find a way to visit us, after all he will always be our family.

P.S. : Eric, now is Paulo’s turn to visit you. He’ll be there soon.