SC Ole Award Pic

Every year, SC Times, which is our San Clemente local magazine, publishes what they call, The Best of San Clemente People’s Choice Ole Awards”. The magazine runs a vote on all business and recreational categories, and the community of San Clemente casts its votes.

This year was the 9th award and the second time they had the best martial arts studio category. Guillobel Brazilian Jujitsu was honored as the Best amongst all Martial Arts Studios in San Clemente, winning a very competitive category in our community.

Before the release of the “Best of San Clemente” issue, Sensei Paulo Guillobel received a call from SC Times asking him why he thought his martial arts school was voted the best, and he said, “I believe we were voted the Best Martial Arts school in San Clemente because we treat each one of our students as part of our family and we are always willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. And this is what Guillobel BJJ Academy stands for: caring for its students…”

“People come to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Guillobel Academy for many reasons, but once they become a part of it, they discover that now they belong to a very united family, where people support each other and treat each other with respect and camaraderie…”

“We are different. We are not a business. We are a fellowship with similar passions and goals, and we all love martial arts and San Clemente.”

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is thankful to our community, students and their families for supporting us and voting. Also we thank SC Times for putting this award together and recognizing all the businesses and all the people that give their best to this community year after year.

To read the SC Times online version of the Best of San Clemente, you can go to this link