Yoga Classes at Guillobel BJJ in San Clemente

Yoga Classes at Guillobel BJJ in San Clemente

This Monday – September 10, Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu San Clemente school is  starting its new schedule, with   NEW programs and activities.

We are opening officially our YOGA Program for beginners with two classes in the morning and two classes in the evening. Our morning Yoga classes are with Eliane Carotta and our evening classes are with Penny Thomas.

Why Yoga?

Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy believes that Yoga is a perfect complement for any martial art training, but also to anyone that wants to give the BEST treatment for their body. Yoga will mostly work on our mind (where we always need to work on), our breathing, balance, flexibility and core strength. It calms us down preparing us to face the stressful day-to-day things with lees stress. We are offering a WEEK FREE for any new student. For more information call us on 949-366-2107.

Guillobel BJJ Academy is also opening classes for intermediate level of Brazilian ju jitsu, which is part of our BJJ Combative Program. We are opening this level in our program to best accommodate our students that achieved a technical level beyond fundamental, but are not in the advanced level yet. These classes have a customize curriculum that makes easier the transition from white belt to blue belt, and so forth.

So if you are one of our students from the fundamental program, your next step will be the BJJ Combative program, then the BJJ Combative Competition, and Ultimately The BJJ Elite Program. For each level up will be given more of the appropriated knowledge and the desired benefits.

Our Elite Team and BJJ Combative Team are within the BEST BJJ teams in the world in competition level. Among the students of these programs there are many world champions, Pan American champions and American champions, that will be sharing the mat with every new member of the group.