At Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School every student must learn how to count at least until 10 in Portuguese (Native language spoken in Brazil).

The reason is to keep the tradition alive. That was how our Sensei Paulo Guillobel learnt and all the other original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belts too, but the majority of schools out there don’t do it.

Learning how to count until 10 in Portuguese is just one of many traditional things Guillobel Brazilian Jujitsu San Clemente students learn in our program. The respect and friendship that comes with the practice of martial arts such as BJJ are also some of the other benefits our student get.

So bellow we wrote the one to ten words and their translation in Portuguese, but we extremely recommend you to click on the link bellow so you can listen how it sounds and learn exclusively from our Sensei.

  1. one – um
  2. Two – dois
  3. Three – tres
  4. Four – quatro
  5. Five – cinco
  6. Six – seis
  7. Seven – Sete
  8. Eight – oito
  9. Nine – nove
  10. Ten – dez

Click on the link bellow to watch the video
Guillobel Brazilian Jiujitsu San Clemente Teaching to Count in Portuguese