Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu participated at the annual San Clemente Ocean Festival last weekend and gave a demonstration of the art, and self-defense aspects that make BJJ an effective martial art.

The demonstration began with the kids showing training and self-defense techniques. Some of the kids have been long-time students. Some of the students were new. It was really awesome to see how both group of kids have grown into confident, jiu-jitsu fighters. At one time, some of these students used to be intimidated to step on the mat, and now they’re showing crowds of people the art of BJJ and how it can help one defend them self against an attacker.   These students show what kind of confidence jiu-jitsu can bring into your life.

There was also a woman’s self-defense demonstration, showing how jiu-jitsu truly empowers people by skill and not by whether they are strong or weak, a man or woman. The women’s demonstration entailed how a street attack may happen, especially if the person is bigger and/or stronger. The crowd really enjoyed both parts of the demonstration.   Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a technical martial art that is associated mostly with MMA these days, and to see the kids and women’s jiu-jitsu get the attention it did was refreshing.

Lastly, Sensei Paulo Guillobel and Sensei Andre Lucic gave a fluid, grassroots demonstration of the self-defense aspects of jiu-jitsu (attacked from behind; attacked with a gun; a knife, etc.).  The crowd loved it. It was fun to watch two longtime black belts from Brazil demonstrate a two thousand year-old traditional martial art in the beautiful beach village of San Clemente.

Being able to practice and train in San Clemente is a privilege. Ocean living and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu go hand-in-hand at Guillobel Martial Arts and Self-Defense. Many of the people at the gym surf and overall enjoy ocean living. Jiu-Jitsu has only augmented our experience with the ocean; training BJJ is conducive to an outdoors lifestyle. What makes us stronger in the gym, makes us stronger for everything else we want to do. Jiu-jitsu makes you stronger, more flexible, improves cardio and reaction time.

For Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it’s about getting better each day. That’s what we do at the gym. If there is something at the Ocean Festival we tried to get across, it was that. Are you looking for place that makes you better? Are you looking for a place to improve and build your personal character? Do you want to learn self-defense? Get in better shape? Develop better habits? Learn how to cope with stress? Jiu-jitsu can remedy these problems.  If nothing else, come make some friends and be part of the community. If jiu-jitsu can make one person better, imagine what it can do for many. Come to our gym, we’ll make you family.