If you practice martial arts in San Clemente or in any other martial arts school in the world, competing (with proper guidance) can extremely amplify some of your important life skills.

It’s a unanimous opinion among martial arts instructors that when students compete, they improve their martial art abilities at a much faster pace.

But, is your martial art ability the only thing you will improve with competing?

The answer to this question is no. Martial art competitors will improve physically as well as mentally.

Let’s start with the fact that martial art competitors have to overcome fear and anxiety every time they compete. Who doesn’t want to learn how to overcome fear and anxiety?

Martial arts is a solo sport, where one person competes against another person. There is no team playing, thus, when you lose there is no one to blame but yourself.

According to Napoleon Hill, who spent more than twenty years studying highly successful people and wrote many best-selling books, such as “The Law of Success”, taking responsibility for your actions is a key trait to success.

martial art competition improve focus

Another important trait you can improve by competing is your focus. Many people have trouble focusing on important things today, and it’s just getting worse.

It’s like our society is trying to make it harder for its citizens to focus, by creating things like multiple TV channels, smartphones, video games, and social media.

According to CNN, a new Nielsen Company audience report reveals that adults in the United States devoted about 10 hours and 39 minutes each day to consuming media during the first quarter of 2016.

The report, which was released in 2016, included how much time we spend daily using our tablets, smartphones, personal computers, multimedia devices, video games, radios, DVDs, DVRs, and TVs. Also, according to Statista, 135 minutes were spent on Social Media alone in 2017.

The question is, how can anyone focus with so many distractions? The answer is finding activities that consistently work on improving our focus.

Pretty soon, the ability to focus will be a differentiator. More businesses, colleges, and universities will be looking for people who can focus and finish their tasks.

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