The superiority of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu amongst the Martial Arts and in the UFC octagon is clear; BJJ is arguably the absolute best Martial Art for kids and teens to learn to protect themselves against a bully.

As much as adults want to protect their children against bullying, it is an unfortunate reality and it is rife throughout the United States. A recent study showed that California was the worst state to live in for bullying, followed by New York and Illinios. Officially statistics from the American Justice Department state that 1 out of 4 children are bullied each month. Of all kids and teens surveyed, 77% say they have been the victim of bullying! So unless your child is already the bully, the reality is that someone will try to bully them sooner or later. All you can do is try to give them all the tools for self-defense that you possibly can. That’s why you need to choose BJJ.

The main reason Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is so effective for kids and teens, is that it does not rely on size and streghth and is actually ideal for use against larger and tougher attackers. The majority of fights end up on the ground. The grappling and ground fighting skills learned in BJJ will provide your child with the tools to protect themselves or others in the most critical moments they may face.

However, there is another major reason why wise adults are choosing Marital Arts Academies like Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the one run by Paulo Guillobel in San Clemente, California. Today, in America, there is a very fine line between defending yourself and being guilty of assaulting someone, even if it is out of self-defense. Martial Arts that focus on strikes like kicking and punching can seriously injury a bully or in some cases even kill a bully. Great BJJ instructors know how to train your kids to use their new skills in the right way and at the right time because the nature of the techniques they will learn, enable them to control a bully until the bully gives up or help arrives.

For those Parents who are concerned about teaching their kids and teens to fight, it is important to remember over 100,000 kids carry guns to school in the U.S. and that situations like Columbine arise when children are bullied and have no other way to protect themselves. Give them the self-defense technequies they need.

Of course beyond using BJJ to defend themselves at school, it also offers them valuable priciples and self disipline, its a great way to keep them healthy and fit, and BJJ can enable them to protect siblings (both younger and older) and fight off predators. Beside, BJJ offers an incredible opportunity to enjoy excellent quality time together.