Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente brings to you the new 2011 BJJ Class Schedule. We are very excited to start the new year with a lot of activities, events and, as always, giving back to our students and community. Our Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor in San Clemente, Paulo Guillobel, added 4 more classes to our already handful schedule.

“We at Guillobel Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente stand up for a top and personalized approach. That’s why we add news classes at our BJJ San Clemente School: to make sure that we keep our high standards and that our students get the best out of our family and safe environment and out of our top BJJ instruction – like no other school… I need time to get to know each one of our students and adding more classes is the best way to do it”, Guillobel says to his staff.

The jiu-jitsu students that will benefit most of our new schedule are the kids. All the new classes, such as BJJ Leadership Program, BJJ Kids Competition Team and 2 extras jiu-jitsu classes, are specially designed for their needs. Let’s take advantage of it. See you on the mat!