“The Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts School demonstration at San Clemente’s Ocean Festival this past weekend was the best ever!” That was what all of our students’ parents were saying after the two days of the event.

The Ocean Festival is the biggest and most prestigious community event in San Clemente, and it happens at the beach every summer on one weekend of July around the San Clemente Pier.

At this event, thousands of San Clemente residents and people from all over California come to watch and participate on a variety of competitions such as: surf, paddle board, biathlon, etc. Also there is a section exclusive for children full of games and entertainment.

The Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy is the ONLY martial arts school that is invited every year to perform at the Children’s Pavilion stage on both days of the event.

This year, 2014, our Sensei Paulo Guillobel and his Demonstration Team (Demo Team) decided to come with a completely new routine, and it was a great success. The kids were amazing (watch the video), and the parents very supportive. The crowd gathered to watch all the BJJ action going on on stage and stuck around through the whole demonstration.

“I feel blessed to have a chance to introduce the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to adults and kids that have never seen it before! Maybe now they will have a better understanding of it.” Said our Sensei Paulo about the Ocean festival demonstration.

A good array of BJJ self-defense moves were displayed, and some of our young students performed very advanced moves like the

“Flying Arm-Bar” and “Tomoe Nage”.

Once again the Guillobel BJJ San Clemente Team would like to thank all of our students’ parents, the city of San Clemente and the Ocean Festival coordinators and staff. Osss!