Guillobel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy has been in San Clemente for over six years and we proudly look back on our humble beginnings. “Originally this space was used for Kajukembo, a traditional Hawaiian Martial Art and in 2005 the Kajukembo instructors generously opened-up  their studio allowing us to teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu twice a week,” says Sensei Paulo Guillobel, Four-Stripe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, owner of the Academy. “For almost a year our mats were piled up in one corner of the studio. Before every class we had to set them up one by one, it was our warm up,” remembers Paulo.

“Eventually they left, allowing us to have the whole space to teach our ever-growing group of
students,” added Paulo. “We are very thankful to them! The academy is now like a second home
for all of our students.”

San Clemente Jiu Jitsu Students: The Pioneers

Among the first families to start training with us were the Craig and De La Cruz families. The
Craig family stopped by the academy last Saturday while visiting from Texas to pay us a visit.
Craig, a Kajukembo practitioner, recognized the efficiency of Jiu Jitsu and started training with
us, soon after enrolling his daughters Danica and  Justin to train. They, along with Tony and Vanessa De La Cruz, were the first students in our number-one BJJ Kids Empowerment Program.
Justin  also joined his father in our Jiu Jitsu fitness class for adults.

“Craig and his family moved away to Texas about 4 years years ago but every time they are in town they stop by for a visit,” Sensei Paulo proudly said. “It’s very rewarding to see that distance and time can’t change our relationship, they will always have a home here.”

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