Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Martial Arts Academy on Saturday, May 18th, hosted a very special event – which we call – our Belts & Stripes Ceremony Day. The Belts & Stripes Ceremony Day is one of those special days, when Guillobel BJJ students are awarded with their new belts and stripes, and also Certificates of achievements to our students that have been having outstanding performance and attitude.

Our instructors where really proud to see this amazing team of determined children and adults (men & women) gathering in one dojo to celebrate together each other’s achievements. From our Little Ninja group to our Masters and Seniors of our fundamental and advanced programs.

In martial arts, the moment students get recognized for their achievement is a very important moment in their lives. It’s like winning a very special award that symbolizes all the incredible effort they put into their martial arts training, their improvement and persistence. It’s also a wonderful self-esteem booster, because it makes them feel really good and proud of themselves.

At Guillobel Brazilian JuJitsu Academy we don’t award our students easily. They really have to show they have what it takes to move up in belts or even stripes (They need to earn 4 stripes to earn their belt). “That was the way I was awarded my belts and stripes in Brazil and that is how my students will be awarded too”, said Sensei Paulo Guillobel, the founder and owner of Guillobel BJJ Academy.

On the paragraph above lays one of the reasons our school has such a high standard, and why people get so impressed with the level of our students when they come visit our martial arts school.

Here is the list of our students that got promoted to their new belts:

  • ·         To White/yellow – Caden, Nathan, Xyler
  • ·         To White/orange – Loyal
  • ·         To Gray/white – Noah, Micah, Aiden, Gabriel, Lexi, Morgan, Luanna, Collin, Samuel, Isaac and Steve
  • ·         To Gray – Nolan, Braden, Nathan, Logan, Luke, Deven and Jasmine
  • ·         To Gray/Black – Emma, Avery, Jadon, Nico, Miles
  • ·         To Orange/Black – Sofia
  • ·         To Blue – Carlos

A good group of students also got invited to our prestigious advanced programs such as BJJ Combative, BJJ Combative Competition, Black Belt Club and Elite. Congratulations to all!