It was an honor to have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Joe Savoian and ju jitsu Blue Belt Greta visiting our San Clemente school. Friends for a long time, Sensei Paulo and Joe catch up on the news and both exchanged techniques. After rolling and discussing business, Sensei Paulo shared his thoughts: ‘it’s great to have Joe visiting our San Clemente academy. Joe is a true brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He stands to our art in a pure and singular way… Joe is aligned with my principles and the principles that brought Jiu Jitsu to the eyes of the world. High quality of teaching is that we both stand for. And that’s what you, as our students, get. Not bad, hum?’

San Clemente BJJ professor and BJJ black belt Joe work really hard to provide their students the best BJJ experience… more to come! So, keep tune.