San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu School proudly rewarded 2 of our top brazilian jiu-jitsu students from October. After so much dedication, 5 year old Ford La Motte from our Jiu-Jitsu Little Kids Empowerment Program (4-7 years old) and 10 year old Bryce Crane from our Jiu-Jitsu Kids Empowerment Program (8-13 years old) received the recognition from Sensei Paulo Guillobel and Andre Lucic at the end of their class.

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor Paulo said this month it was easy to choose, “Ford and Bryce were a great example during the month of October. They follow instructions, they are a good listener, they help their partners, they take jiu-jitsu serious… it can’t get any better. Ford and Bryce earned it”.¬†Each one of them received a premium Certificate and their pictures are at the academy’s wall for the entire month. Also, both Martial Artists will be helping Sensei during class.

San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu teaches by encouragement and example.