Women Self-Defense

Say Goodbye to the Feeling of Helplessness… Discover How Jiu-Jitsu Will EMPOWER YOU Boosting Your Confidence and Physical Fitness… Making You Feel Good About Yourself

Common Ground…

There are a couple of things that most of us can agree on. One of them being, “when ya look good, ya feel better.” Obvious, right? But for many of us life’s chaos makes it a little easier said than done to exercise as often as we should. That “extra” time becomes a luxury, when in fact it is a NECESSITY.

“I chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because I want to feel safe, comfortable and confident in any situation or environment whenever I am, whomever I am with, and especially when I am by myself. I was apprehensive to try Jiu-jitsu at first, but soon found an appreciation for the movements, concepts and philosophies.”

–       Jackie First, Mission Viejo.

How Guillobel BJJ’s fluid schedule allows you to keep fitness a priority, while still keeping the rest of your duties in check.

We are truly one big family here at our martial arts academy and are always working to help build each other up, motivating each other when necessary. The guidance from other students along with that of your coaches and Sensei will keep you on track. That includes when you miss a training session that we know you could have made! This is something our students are very thankful for, in the long run. It’s easy to skip a session at the gym because you never gave that equipment your phone number… But if you start slackin’ on mat-time at Guillobel, expect a couple texts or a calls to hold you accountable!

Common Misconception… “Am I going to get beat up?”

It’s funny how any form of fighting always seems to be associated with blood and punches and pain. Jiu Jitsu is far from it. What you’ll realize after joining our academy is that this is a sport, an art form, and a lifestyle. Of course it provides you with the strength and technique it takes to defend yourself when necessary, and it will most definitely toughen you up, but it’s all about smooth, calm, and controlled strategy.

Some added clarification: There is no punching or kicking in Jiu Jitsu! The goal is to SUBMIT your opponent, meaning get them to quit, or “tap out.” And the cool part is, that’s all it takes. Two taps and the fight is over. You will never be in a position where you feel helpless or are “getting beat up.” You’ll find that it’s just a game- And be careful, it’s addicting!

The Happier the Healthier

Unlike the gym where a jog on the treadmill can turn into an hour of searching Instagram or Facebook, Jiu Jitsu keeps you engaged mentally as well as physically. Try posting a photo while training Jiu Jitsu with your partner, you’ll quickly see the difference! This engagement creates an element of ESCAPE from your daily life, which we believe is critical to a healthy mind. If you flip that cliche up there around, “when ya feel good, ya look better” there’s truth to be seen as well. Stress isn’t anybody’s color. So, rather than searching for your stress-diversion in a book, a cocktail or even a nap, and then separately trying to jam an hour workout into your day, consider combining the two concepts into an hour training session with us.

It feels good knowing that you could if you have to.”

As I’ve mentioned, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is a lifestyle. It provides benefits that you may not have even thought of! If you put the time in, you’re walking away from the mat each session with refreshed confidence and a sense of empowerment. Although it’s rare that you’re placed in a position outside of the gym where you need to defend yourselves physically, it feels good knowing that you could if you have to. Not only will you be training with other women, but men too. And what better way to practice your self defense training than with a person of the same size and strength as who you might be faced with in the real world?

“Today is the Tomorrow That You Worried About Yesterday”

Reality: something that we sometimes struggle with. No matter how much wishing, praying or whining that we do, the reality of things is that results don’t usually happen overnight. That simple concept is the number one reason that it’s so easy to give up. But you know what? Your coaches here at Guillobel have made it our duty to get you closer and closer to your goals every single time you set foot on the mat. Let us help you become who it is that you want to be physically and mentally. We know what it takes to get you there. All it takes is getting in touch with us and arranging that first class! And remember, “Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday.” Don’t wait…


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