In San Clemente there is a burger restaurant called the Riders Club.  Some people in town consider this to be the best burger in town.  What makes it so great?  The ingredients.   The Riders Club sports some of the freshest meat you’ll find at any burger joint.  They have beef, chicken, and quinoa for vegetarians; quality food that offers something for everyone, and most likely the healthiest option when deciding where to find a burger in town.  Compare it to any fast food chain in San Clemente and you will find the competition is inferior due to the Riders Club’s quality.  Sure, you may get your food faster, and it may be cheaper but when was the last time you heard the words, “fast” and “cheap” in the same sentence pertaining to something you found interesting? In the wake of the popularity of Mixed Marital Arts and the recent boom in gyms that specialize in MMA, it’s hard to figure out where the quality gyms are.

            Take a drive in most neighborhoods and no doubt you will find a BJJ studio somewhere nearby.  Some of these gyms operate much like a fast food franchise.  It becomes about expansion of their business rather than becoming a grassroots effort to get involved with the community.   Now that there are gyms everywhere, where does one go to train? What are you looking for in a gym?  What are the quality ingredients you want? To get in-shape? Self-defense?  Competition?  These are some questions you should ask yourself when selecting a gym to learn and practice jujitsu.  When determining what you eat and the quality of ingredients you choose, isn’t your overall health your main concern? The quality of where you learn BJJ is just as vital.

Jiu-Jitsu is a lifelong investment.  You want to get the best out of your training not only from your instructors but from the other students as well.  Great teachers and senseis will train great students.  The vibe you get in Guillobel is no different.  Not only is every instructor world-class but the students are as well.  Everybody is learning from somebody else.  It is a constant process of learning and evolving that organically takes place within our gym.  This is due to our quality ingredients we choose to have at Guillobel and what is expected of every student be it from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Your body and mind are trained for an optimal learning experience no matter whom you practice with at Guillobel.  Next time you compare gyms make sure you take a look the components they choose.