Building Where Our Jiu-Jitsu Student Used to Live Before the Fire

It’s amazing what we, from Brazilian JiuJitsu San Clemente, can do together as a family. So far we sold more than 35 raffle tickets to help our dear friend and Jiu-Jitsu Student Dave, who lost everything last Friday when the fire burned all his belongs. Like Dave, 3 other apartments, where more than 10 other people used to live, got totally destroyed.

“That’s what makes our JiuJitsu San Clemente Academy so Unique. We come together as a family. We help each other… We develop not only respect but empathy. And that’s very remarkable, specially in a world more and more cruel” says our Professor Black Belt Paulo Guillobel.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente will be selling the raffle tickets until Feb 1st, when more than $200 in BJJ products and gears will be given away. So buy now your raffle for $5 each or make a donation: