“Although Paulo Guillobel is a champion in jiu-jitsu and in life, he possesses a humble and noble attitude towards his students that is out of this world. Quickly you will understand that Brazilian jiu jitsu is Paulo’s passion. Even quicker it is visible that jiu jitsu is not a business to Paulo but molding character, building discipline, and encouraging confidence is. Not only does Paulo Guillobel give 100% to ALL at his dojo in San Clemente as a teacher but he also does something that is very rare in this business oriented jiu jitsu world. Paulo personally connects with EVERY individual as if they were the only person there. To have a teacher who is concerned with our development not only on the mat but outside in the real world is very comforting. Upon Leaving Paulos academy not only is your jiu jitsu technique strengthened to a world class level but your spirit, mind, and heart will surely be polished to perfection.  If you are looking for a true warrior as your teacher Paulo Guillobel brazilian jiu jitsu academy in San Clemente is for you.”

Testimonial by Rayom Ribeiro