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Paulo Guillobel is not only a world jiu-jitsu champion, but more importantly a uniquely gifted teacher of his art.
Sensei Paulo brings about positive change in students perhaps faster than anyone I’ve seen.

Jason Randal – Renowned Ph.D. Peak Performance Expert and 7th Degree Tang Soo Do Black Belt

With short term contracts, several classes and times to choose from and convenient payment arrangements I knew we had a winner! My son has trained with not one, or two but 3 distinguished Black belt instructors. Under the direct guidance and coaching of Sensei Paulo I’ve seen the improvement and confidence in my son who not only considers himself a student but part of their family. Really happy our decision not to settle elsewhere paid off and exceeded our expectations!

Erica O

I went to see one of their classes today and they treated me pretty nice. The second instructor seemed pretty good and taught the class well

Angel M

Guillobel is the best jiu jitsu academy i ever trained in my life. paulo guillobel is the one i choose to be my sensei for life ,it feels like  family in there,and plus u will be learning from one of the best and highest ranked jiu jitsu black belts in san clemente and orange county.(its not any one who can be a world champion and a pan american champion) if u feel like u need more confidence,health,and self discipline,and at the same time become a great jiu jitsu fighter,guillobel is the place to be!!!

Andre P

Guillobel is one of the best places to learn the art due to the high level of the training and the overall structure. The people here are the nicest people and are always there to help. Ive been going here for awhile now and you catch on quickly. Here you can enjoy and love the sport of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!

Justin B

BJJ is something that most women feel hesitant about doing; intimidation, strength, insecurities, lack of knowledge of martial arts, etc. ( everything I felt about BJJ.). I thought about BJJ as an avenue to really break out of my introverted shell, and to mix up my work out routine……The second I walked in the door I was welcomed with warm smiles, great information, and no pressure to sign a contract. I was given a clean uniform called a Gi, and was quickly introduced to Sensei Paulo (Black Belt). He was far from intimidating, and continued to express how important it is to go at my own pace and to use this as ” a try out” class to see if BJJ works for me! The majority of class came in soon after, and we began ” The fundamentals of BJJ” after the warm up, and technique review, you are paired up with a partner to train. ( I was paired with a man my equal weight) I was a bit scared, but he insisted it was going to be ok, and IT WAS! BJJ is such a fluid martial art that is almost more mental than physical. Not to say I wasn’t sore the next day, but it is such a different sport that I was thinking about it for days after! So needless to say, my first experience of Guillobel BJJ as a young woman was excellent! The staff was wonderful, and even after one class I felt intrigued to do more!
P.S. Incredible workout, I used muscles i had no idea I had!

Courtney A

World Class instructor in a family / friendly and clean environment! What else can one ask for? As a BJJ and Judo black belt living in the Orange County area, I’ve been blessed to have found this place. Paulo points out and corrects details to be worked on my game, which keeps improving in every practice. Thats why Im training there every day. I see changes in people all ages, from getting in shape, to gaining confidence. On top of everything, the students are very friendly and receptive. I’ve made so many good friends already and we are always hanging out after class, grabbing lunch, etc… I recommend you to come check out this place and have a blast, while learning techniques and building a healthy mind and body.

James L

Paulo Guillobel is the highest ranking and one of the most accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors in Orange County.  The people who train at the academy treat  you like family and are friends on and off the mat. Unlike other local academy’s, you get to train with at least one black belt every class AND there are no long term contracts. Both of my young kids (4 and 5 years old, boy and girl) train here and love it.

Jason H.